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Protecting Non-Profits and Small to Medium Organizations Cyber Risk

Protecting SME & Professional Services Organizations from Cyber Risk

Your trusted partner to develop and manage your cybersecurity program.    

Ensure your organization's continuity if and when a cyber event occurs.

What Would Best Describe You?

How We Help Our Clients:

Why CyberCare Pro?

Ensure your organization can continue and grow if and when a cyber event occurs.

Right sized services

Security designed for your business, not large enterprise.

Services that cover cloud, SaaS and traditional environments

Learn about our comprehensive monitoring solutions.

Technology agnostic approach

Enables us to support the tech you already have.

Rapid deployment

Helps to get you running in days, not months. Start with our gap assessments or external discovery offering.

Personal, expert touch with our vetted team of freelance professionals

Learn more about Cybercare Pro.

Accessible pricing models

Designed to make it easy to get started. Shop on our market of packaged services.


Is your business secure?

Consider these factors that may be putting your company at risk

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