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Dive Into the New Age of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Services

Quarterly Risk Vulnerability Assessments - Uncovers patch management failures, firewall vulnerabilities, unsafe credentials, and data storage vulnerabilities

CyberWatch™ Risk Assessments

Ensure your business complies with diverse operational requirements set by government agencies, certification authorities, and more

Compliance-As-A-Service (CaaS)

Protect your data with our penetration test, revealing vulnerabilities and promoting cyber hygiene adherence. The test simulates a real-life hacker scenario, assessing network defenses, patch management, identity and access management, data leaks, malware defenses, and overall cybersecurity readiness.

Penetration Testing

2024 Cybersecurity Stack

24/7 monitoring of security events, remoted updating and proactive refinements, load-balancing tools for priority applications

Co-Managed Firewall

Continuously monitors end-user devices to detect and respond to cyber threats like viruses and malware.

Endpoint Security (EDR)

Identifies and investigates exposed login credentials or pairs discovered directly linked to your business email domains or IP address details.

Dark Web Scans + Monitoring

Private "vaults" for each user to store and protect credentials, PII docs, and other sensitive data. All with fully-customizable permissions

Password Management

Password Management

Dynamic MDR backed by a world-class security team dedicated to real-time threat detection and 24/7/365 incident monitoring and response

Managed Detection + Response (MDR)

Managed Detection + Response (MDR)

Intelligent AI data protection, purpose-built for the Cloud applications.

Cloud Backup

User dashboards, simulated phishing campaigns, training modules, and a custom company dashboard to track progress.

Employee Training + Phishing Simulation

Intelligent email filtering with secure encryption protection and a multi-layer AES-256 design, all without any apps or installations.

Email Security + Encryption

Additional Services


Our efficient compliance framework saves you time and money while providing essential tools for security and compliance. Conduct annual self-audits to identify gaps in regulatory compliance, and create remediation plans for breach preparedness. Ensure compliance through well-documented policies, procedures, and tailored employee training.

Third-Party Assessments

Is your network truly secure? Hackers employ sophisticated tactics, often tricking employees to gain unauthorized access. A third-party assessment is crucial for ongoing security verification. We utilize the latest hacker methods to regularly test your systems and identify vulnerabilities.

Cyber Hygiene

Concerned about your data's vulnerability to hackers and scammers? The root cause of recent cyberattacks is poor Cyber Hygiene, involving practices to mitigate common security risks. Neglecting patches, updates, and weak passwords opens doors for hackers. Executives face additional risks, such as whaling attacks targeting individuals with access to valuable information. it's time to implement basic personal lines of defense and enhance security awareness throughout your team.

Security Consulting

Seeking a tailored security solution? Cybercare Pro offers board-level resources to embed within your company, managing security strategy, budget, risks, and regulatory programs.

Simple Implementation Stages


Risk Vulnerability Testing

A level-3 technician assigned to your onboarding will perform full network penetration tests & vulnerability assessments to highlight your weak security points.

Risk Vulnerability Testing


Systems Establishment

A Level-3 technician assigned to your onboarding will help you or your in-house IT team to establish our RMM tool for hands-on installation & setup assistance.

Systems Establishment


User Onboarding

The level-3 technician assigned to your onboarding will work with you or your IT team to perform complete installation and setup on every device and assign each end user.

User Onboarding


Our Approach

Organizations with well-developed cybersecurity protocols understand the high stakes involved and are keenly aware of their vulnerabilities to potential threats.


Their meticulously documented processes not only delve into specific areas but also take into account the broader impact of cyberattacks on different facets of the business. It is crucial to assess vulnerabilities both upstream and downstream in the business operations.

Those entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring security must exhibit a strong passion for and engagement in fortifying the organization's cybersecurity posture. Sustained efforts are imperative, encompassing the establishment of current processes and the ongoing quest for enhancements.

To advance to this level of cybersecurity maturity, it is essential to address the following:

1. What existing cybersecurity processes are currently in place?

2. How do these processes adapt to incorporate new and emerging technologies and threats?

3. Which aspects of the business are associated with specific cybersecurity processes?

Does your current provider stack up?

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